May 10 to 17- Graduate students from the Communicating with Digital Media course share a collection of videos that explore the relationship between humans and environment. Building A Ground Floor

Art and Science, Man and Nature

Contemporary art provides a medium through which artists comment on issues that impact humanity and nature.  Innovative use of photographs, videos, and digital media have risen to the forefront of European contemporary art.  By tapping into the accessible nature of these art forms, artists can now reach an ever-broader global audience and amplify the messages of their works and its concurrent impacts.

As art’s reach expands, it inevitably comes into contact with the realm of Science.  Seemingly dichotomous, it is easy to believe and even seems natural that there be a separation between the two.  However, contemporary developments in both arenas are blurring that separation and there is now a distinct ease in the transition between the world of one and that of the other.

This 6-minute video is the result of a collaboration between art and science; qualitative and quantitative minds and concepts coming together with digital video as a media for exploring not just scientific facts, but the human condition in relation to those facts—the contrasts, the difference in scales, and, most critically, the resulting concords and disagreements.  The three different parts of this composite video also reflect man and his relationship to nature in its own way.  Dealing with both simple and complex concepts—the mass of humanity, trash, climate change—this is yet another bond that unites all three.

Within the realities of a globalized complex and non-linear world, there are compelling forces working to broker a coherency between art and science.  These forces argue that Art and Science are related manifestations of organized human curiosity rather than disparate categories of human endeavor.  We sincerely and humbly hope that this film also reflects this argument in its own way.

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